Wellness Coaching

 Angela Uhl -Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Certified by the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education Spencer Institute for Wellness

TRX Suspension Training Certified

Take Shape for Life Health Coach

Plexus Health Coach

Beachbody Certification - Nov 2015

We are thrilled to be offering Health, Wellness & Weight Management Coaching at New Loudon Chiropractic.  Angela Uhl, Certified Health & Wellness Coach will be providing clients an opportunity to learn more about her wellness and weight loss journey that took place in 2012.  At our practice will be offering a few keys ways to achieve your goals.  I will customize a tailored program that will guide you step by step in achieving and maintaining your health for the long term.  The program utilized are Take Shape for Life powered by Medifast, Plexus, Weight Watchers, Mayo Clinic diet and coming soon Beachbody.  These custom health coaching programs, are designed so that you your coach (me) will walk you through STEP by STEP on your journey to achieving Optimal Health.  You must be ready mentally, and emotionally to make life lasting changes, if you are then I am the right coach for you!

If you are truly interested in achieving Optimal Health with nutrition, chiropractic and massage than you are at the right place. If you are already at our office for an adjustment, you can speak directly to Dr. Uhl about the program, he has lost 30 lbs on this program and is well on his way to achieving optimal health.  It is important that we are treating our patients as "whole" people!  Our goal is not mediocrity but Optimal health for a long lasting exciting life. 

 Call today to schedule your free consultation with Angela Uhl or visit the website below to find out more about choosing Optimal Health.   

Angela Uhl, Certified Health Coach -TSFL & Spencer Institute

Phone: 518-810-9743

Before 178 lbs, After 134 lbs-  5 Months (Pictures below)

Goal Reached in 6 Months- Lost 60 lbs and have maintained within 10 lbs for over 3 years


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Great Chiropractor! He takes time with his patients. Kim is so pleasant. There is never a problem with billing or insurance issue when testing and adjustments are needed."
    Andrea L.
  • "Dr. Uhl really helps with my neck and back pain. It is definately worth the trip from Oneonta. I so wish he was closer, but I will never go to see anyone else."
    Vickie H.